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How to create a successful scavenging hunt if the whole team is new

The scavenging hunt app offers many forms of team building activities, but the best ones are hidden. The fact is that gathering a team in one location is an easy feat, but to get enough content for them to be occupied for a particular time can be challenging.

The more people gather the more content should be challenging as if the content is too easy people will finish it sooner and then be bored till the end of the gathering. However, if the content is too hard people might give up to early, so a balance must be struck in between those two modes, and a medium has to be offered that can supervise the event as it is progressing.

When a new group gathers it’s critical to give them enough opportunity to coordinate together and to create an event that will get them all engaged. For this purpose, we have made a couple of tips that you can use as the organizer of such an event.

Create balanced teams

The best thing you can do on every gathering is to know which people excel at certain things and get them all spread out. Having one team that far outclasses the rest can be boring and not challenging for them and for the rest it can be frustrating instead of fun.


To create a balanced team, have a questionnaire before you set them out on their first scavenging hunt. Ask questions like who is good at math, who uses glasses, who loves to take pictures, who loves to read and similar stuff. The hunt can be compromised of several little things that will make it fun for everyone if individuals can do one thing better than the rest of the group and it will be the best way to make them work together.

Choose a correct theme for the game

scavengIf the people in your workplace love a particular theme, there is no reason to force them to play something that they hate. When you do the questionnaire ask them what they like and what they prefer over something else. The more you know, the better setting you can make.

If people in your workplace love a particular sitcom you can theme it with questions from that sitcom, if they prefer Shakespeare you can formulate the clues to sound like old English. There are thousands of themes it’s important to pick the right one.

Have many branching stories for your clues

If a group can’t beat a riddle than the hunt can fail. Create more ways than one that the team can solve a puzzle. If they can’t, deal it with the way they understand it, have another way that they can understand. It important to have a plan b as that can make or break the hunt. The more ways you have, the better, even if they don’t get used in this quest you can save them for the next one.