A scavenger app is an online team building game that you play in real life. The game starts online with a gathered team but the clues are hidden all around you in the real world.



A scavenger app is a fun and interactive game that you can play with you friends or against other people found online. The easiest way to explain is that there is a goal that the teams or individuals must reach and the clues are left around in the world for you to find them and interact with them.


We provide many services to our awesome scavenging app game. The best ones that can be used in multiple situations are:


The ability to set goals and control the game for a big group

The games that you can play can be integrated into many gatherings. With such power, you can create loads of different games.


The ability to integrate it into teaching

Many campuses can break the ice on the first day with their new students by making a little scavenging game to introduce them to the central locations on the campus.


Many different apps included in the hut

The usual quests in this game make use of all your nifty apps on your phone or tablet, which means that you will be hunting using your camera, your bar code scanner, your recorder, your GPS and many other excellent implementations. The game itself lets us integrate new options every time we upgrade the hunt.


Tourism integration

Make your town or any other particular location shine with the scavenging hunt. Create a custom hunt and highlight the sites people should visit. There are no limits to what you can do with this.


The scavenging hunt is an excellent team building app, and i would recommend it to anyone that is an organizer of specific gatherings. For my staff, it was an excellent icebreaker so they can get to know each other.

Tricia Murray
UI/UX Designer

The best way to spend some quality time after a long week is to gather the team and have a fun team building activity. For us, it's the usual scavenging hunt quest that we love to participate in. Highly recommended.

Kay Parkins 
Web Developer

If you love playing games and teamwork, you should give this a try. My family loves doing this at least once a month.

Israel Cox
Graphic Designer

As a manager of 40 people, it's important to give them something to relieve stress. This is a perfect game for your team at the company gatherings.

Reginald Fox
UI/UX Designer


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